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frequently asked questions


Is my meal freshly prepared ?

Yes! We prep all our food and cook it only when we receive your order.


What are the portions like?

Our meals are well balanced and usually serve one.


Can my meal be customized?

We’re not currently customizing meals but we'll be back to give you the chance to personalize your experience soon.


When’s the latest I can order?

We take our last orders at 10pm.


Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we require a minimum order of Rs.200.


How soon can you deliver after I place my order?

We will take anywhere between 30-50 minutes to have your order at your doorstep. Large orders might take up to 60 minutes.


Can I call to place an order?

We are on online first kitchen and want to help you with the best ordering experience. If you are facing any technical issues please write to us at


How can I cancel my order?

It’s difficult for us to cancel orders because we start cooking as soon as you book. And to keep our food fresh we only serve limited quantities of any food we serve. Please don't cancel on us ?


What if I’m not at home/office when the delivery arrives?

Our delivery person will contact you so they can co-ordinate in such an eventuality.


How do I subscribe to a regular delivery service?

Write to us at and we’ll send you a bunch of our subscription deals.


Are there any discounts on bulk orders?

We don’t have discounts on bulk orders, but check out our daily meal combos for great deals.


How can I pay?

We have a ton of payment options for you. You can pay by: Cash on delivery Net banking Credit card Debit card


I haven’t received the One Time Pin?

The OTP should usually reach you within a couple of minutes. In case it hasn’t,please call us on 022-65596559 and we’ll help you out.


I made the payment, the money has been deducted from my account, but I haven’t received an order confirmation text. What now?

Please write to us at or call us on 022-65596559 immediately and we’ll help you out.


In case of a refund, how soon will I get my money back?

It will take between 3-7 working days for your money to be refunded.


Where does Little Food Daily deliver?

We currently deliver between Juhu and Andheri. In case you are not sure if you are within our delivery zone, please call us on 022-65596559 to help us place your order.


My pin code doesn’t pop up.

We currently deliver between Juhu and Andheri. If you could not find your pincode reach us at and tell us where you are. We will reach you soon.


Do I have to pay a delivery charge?

We deliver our food to as soon as we can and at no additional cost.


How do I change my password?

Please use the Change password option under My account.


I have a discount coupon, but it doesn’t work.

If the discount coupon does not work, it may no longer be valid. Check out our combo deals for more offers.


I would like to report a technical problem?

If you are facing issues using the site, please call us on 022-65596559 or write to us at