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Healthier indulgence, Daily

Little Food Daily is a delicious innovation which brings together the gourmet expertise of Little Food Co, the unique catering service that started as a home kitchen 6 years ago, with the cutting edge technology of Mediastinct, a wide-ranging Advertising &Technology company, founded in 2012.

With Little Food Daily, chef Bhakti Mehta and her culinary experts bring you a mixed bag of daily global gourmet, healthy (and well, sometimes indulgent) meals. The promise Little Food Daily makes is to turn everyday meals interesting with healthy, global and seasonal options. To show you that eating out can be good for you. So when you choose us, you’ll find our cooking conscious, our ingredients fresh, the final product, healthy and your pleasure, guilt-free! Bit of a win-win.

The daily menu is inclusive enough, combining good taste and nutrition, giving you a balanced meal. Check out the ALL DAY breakfast, wholesome meals, guilt-free snacks, refreshing beverages and the occasional indulgent desserts. All designed to bring you the many flavours of chef Bhakti’s modern, home-style specialities, inspired by European, American and Asian cuisines.

So go ahead, place your order via Little Food Daily’s crisp and simple web interface designed by specialists at Mediastinct, which makes browsing through the menu a breeze. Our team of technology experts constantly work to make the Little Food Daily experience as intuitive as possible and help keep the conversation going across all media platforms.

How it works

Go for Fresh

Browse through our menu of meals, all made from fresh ingredients that we source every morning. Pick a meal you like, knowing that it’s prepared fresh and ready to eat.

Know Conscious Cooking

While you wait for your meal, we cook your meals in a healthy, responsible way, just as you would at home: using little (to very little!) oil, ensuring non-greasy and non-fatty foods, so that for you eating out is just like eating in.

Just Say When!

Order at any time between 11am and 10pm and we’ll appear with a fresh meal in 45 minutes. Unless, you want to pick a specific delivery time slot. You can schedule an order in advance for the next day, or book your dinner in the morning.